Waterfront Home Ideas

Playing a key role in Australia’s history and culture, the sea touches something deep within us. When designing waterfront homes, it’s essential to make a real connection with the vibrancy and vitality that living near the water can bring you. Whether it is having fun in the water, quality time with the family or the simple carefree exuberance of living in a waterfront home that inspires you, there are many breathtaking waterfront home ideas to inspire your upcoming renovation or guide your architect and builder.

From more traditional waterfront home ideas to modern designs and unique architectural elements, this blog aims to expose you to some of the most beautiful waterfront home ideas and designs.

Contemporary waterfront home designs

Whether for waterfront holiday houses or permanent homes, modern designs are extremely popular. Featuring more geometric architecture, clean lines, open-plan rooms to accentuate the available space and large-span glass windows to enable you to soak up every inch of your stunning view, contemporary waterfront home designs keep things simple and luxurious.

Designs that embrace the raw elements of nature

Building with weathered timber is a highly sought after aesthetic in waterfront holiday houses, inspired by driftwood. Wooden floorboards, ceiling beams and external weatherboards add a touch of nature to any waterfront home. By embracing natural materials, your home will blend in with your surroundings, rather than serving as a distraction and spoiling the beauty of pristine environments. Using local stone in both the exterior and interior of your waterfront home for sustainability has also become a popular trend among many waterfront holiday houses.

Quintessential waterfront home ideas

Famously adorned with ocean-blue shutters, outdoor patios, brick fireplaces, timber floorboards and exposed ceiling beams, traditional waterfront home designs are just as popular today as ever before. Nothing beats the feeling of instant relaxation and nostalgia when you arrive at your waterfront holiday house and breathe every traditional, quaint element of design.

Bring your waterfront home ideas to life

As one of the most highly-regarded waterfront home builders in Brisbane, our team at Antech Constructions will work alongside you to make your dream waterfront home a reality. Considering every detail from building materials, keeping your home protected from waterfront environments and creating a beautiful final aesthetic that is sympathetic to its surroundings, we can help you design your ideal waterfront home.

With a large range of custom waterfront home designs, we have over 25 years of experience building luxury homes. Fill out our enquiry form or call on 07 3821 7949 to get in touch with us — then you can get started on building the perfect waterfront home today.

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