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What is your idea of a luxury home?  Luxury homes mean different things to different people.  To some it is defined by the exclusivity of having an architecturally designed home.  To others it is the quality finishes with innovative features.  For us, luxury homes are definable by their energy efficiency, sustainability and exceptionally high quality finishes.  They are identifiable by their unique features, privacy and with distinctive facades which command street appeal.

Antech Constructions is led by Master Builder Anthony Fiteni.  Having over 20 years of experience being a meticulous and precise trade professional has created Anthony’s reputation of being in charge of one of the best and most sought after luxury home building companies in Brisbane.  Anthony only puts his name to quality luxury homes that are built to last.  Renowned for his ability to listen and understand his Client’s needs, his vast experience means he can foresee any issues before they arise.

We understand that luxury is subjective and is a target based upon your expectation.  Your luxury home is very personal and should be designed & built with the consideration of your needs and wants.  Collectively our specialist Team will work with you when designing and building your luxury home ensuring the design is bespoke, flexible and functional.

What can you expect when building your luxury home with Antech Constructions?  Taking a positive approach towards your custom home build, Antech’s qualified team have many years of combined experience and we are dedicated to providing you with a quality luxury home to the highest standard without any surprises.  Our Team will collaborate with you to develop a design that is unique and symbolic of the lifestyle you live.  We will consider all design aspects of your luxury home, turning challenges into opportunities.

Being award winning luxury home builders, everything we do at Antech Constructions is centred around our three core values: Innovation, Excellence and Honesty.  It is important for us that all of our values are felt throughout your entire build.  We guarantee your luxury custom home will be finished on time and on budget.

We have refined our processes to be both flexible and efficient in order to achieve the results you expect for your custom home.  Antech Constructions only employ the highest quality tradesmen that share Anthony's belief in putting innovation and excellence first.

Client satisfaction is our goal.  We ensure that every part of your home building journey is an exciting, stress free experience. The Antech Team is committed to understanding your needs and will deliver constant communication & support throughout the construction of your luxury home.  Anthony and the Team treat every project like it is our own home.  We specialize in building one off luxury homes to the highest standards which we are proud to put our name to and our Clients are proud to call their home.  You can find our distinctive custom homes built all across Brisbane.

If you are looking for ideas and inspiration, we invite you to click the link to explore our gallery of custom luxury homes.  You are only limited by your imagination when building your custom home with Antech Constructions.

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