Narrow Blocks

Precision and planning are the motives that allow our team to construct high-quality, contemporary homes on narrow blocks of land. We are highly experienced in dealing with the unique challenges that a narrow lot house can produce. These challenges can include acoustics, access to sunlight and breeze, and making the most of your views while ensuring your home is private.

At Antech Constructions, we will design your new home with additional considerations. Each narrow lot house design includes extra insulation, carefully planned window positioning, fence and window screening, along with designing stunning outdoor living areas.

Narrow Block House Designs

Take a look at some of the houses we've built. We've tackled some tough landscapes, whether sloping blocks or narrow blocks, and always finish the job we're there to do, producing breathtaking results.

Assessing Your Narrow Block

Narrow block builds are becoming more and more popular in Australia, and are usually a result of subdivided land. While the size can be deterring for some, we believe less is more, and that a strategic design approach can go a long way. A narrow block house design requires special construction considerations. By following essential guidelines and by executing an innovative approach, we ensure every home is finished on time and within its budget.

If your block of land is approximately 10 metres in width, it is classed as a narrow block. If you currently own a narrow block, or you are interested in purchasing a vacant lot in Brisbane, talk to our expert team today.

Create Something Special

If you are searching for inspiration, or you need assurance that style and luxury can be achieved, take a look at our design gallery. We take great pride in the narrow block homes we’ve built for our clients, and we look forward to creating your dream home.

If you need specialist narrow block builders in Brisbane, get in touch with the team today - call Antech Constructions on (07) 3821 7949 or send us an email.

Julie & Jason

It's all about the Quality. Yes we had a contract and a list of specifications, but a builder always has room to cut costs if he wants to. We've been delighted with all the little details; a quality finish from top to bottom with no hint of cutting corners. When investing such a significant amount of time and money in a project, you need to be sure that your builder is on your team. Have a look at Anthony's previous work; he absolutely will not let you down!

Achieve Superior Results

The team at Antech Constructions in Brisbane don’t see narrow blocks as restrictive, but rather as an exciting venture with great potential. Our narrow block light-filled designs are perfect to brighten homes by utilizing natural light. Space is optimised by the orientation of your home, open plan living, window placement and high ceilings.

Our team of experts will maximize your space, giving you the opportunity to live without restrictions, in comfort and style.

Narrow Block Advantages

There are many advantages to building on narrow blocks, including the price of the land itself. Live in the neighbourhood you’ve always loved, or enjoy that breathtaking view on a daily basis. By sacrificing size, you can save big or enjoy the finer things in life that were otherwise out of reach.

Narrow block house designs are also a great opportunity to get creative. Together, we can collaborate to develop a design that’s unique, and symbolic of the lifestyle you hope to live.

Don’t fret when it comes to design considerations. Our builders will take care of the logistics, and will work with you to build your dream narrow block home in beautiful Brisbane.

Building on a narrow block can be cost effective if you start with the right plan. The first step is fully understanding the block and identifying any construction that is planned in the area, like flat blocks that have a higher view of your property. After assessing these important details, we then set about individually designing a home for your block and lifestyle, making sure all available space is brilliantly utilised.

Brilliant Narrow Block House Designs Within Your Budget

Gather your inspiration and talk to our team about making your dreams a reality. We strive to achieve excellence in every narrow house design, and can guarantee a quality result in the allocated time.

Narrow Block Builders Brisbane

With over 25 years’ experience in the building industry, Antech Constructions are your premier, award-winning narrow block builders in Brisbane. Our bespoke, custom designed homes are for those who desire the high-end aesthetic, not merely a look of sophistication but also a genuine feeling of luxury. We assure you that once you step into a custom-designed narrow lot home built by Antech Constructions, you will never look for another custom home builder in Brisbane again. Schedule a consultation with our specialist builder today on 07 3821 7949.

Our extensive list of customer testimonials speak for themselves and provide our clients the comfort of knowing they are dealing with reputable, market leading narrow block builders. With our core values of Innovation, Excellence and Honesty always top-of-mind in every project we undertake, we assure you that we will meet the highest of expectations of craftsmanship, quality and attention to detail. We always strive to deliver a personalised experience.

Antech Constructions fully understand the challenges of building on a narrow lot in Brisbane and can bring the expertise and experience needed to ensure you are able to make informed decisions throughout the design and build process. Our innovative and creative narrow block builder Brisbane home designs are specially tailored to suit your requirements and lifestyle. Our portfolio of completed homes includes a wide range of unique narrow block home designs that capture the essence of modern style and everyday functional living.

Through our exceptional customer service, innovation and communication, we wholeheartedly believe that we set the benchmark for narrow block builders in Brisbane. Speak with our friendly, talented team today to discover your next bespoke narrow block build in Brisbane on 07 3821 7949 or submit an enquiry online and a member of our team will be in touch.