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Design a Home to Suit a Large Plot of Land, with Our Acreage House Builder in Brisbane

Do you own a large plot of land that you would like to use to build a home? At Antech Constructions, we love working as acreage house builders in Brisbane. While we are always happy to work with clients who need to make the most of smaller plots of land, building on larger pieces of acreage allows us to expand our creativity and make the most of our considerable architectural experience. You can trust that an acreage house design from Brisbane’s Antech Constructions will be a beautiful complement to the extensive piece of land.

How Do You Want to Use Your Acreage?

Before you sit down with our team at Antech Constructions and start drawing up your acreage house design, the big question is this: how do you want to use your acreage. At Antech, we’ve found over the years that clients with large plots of land to work with have very different ideas for the property.

Some figure that a big piece of land should host a big house. If your tastes lean in this direction, then a sprawling ranch-style home might be the right option for you. Ranch style homes are wide, long and usually wide open in layout. They make it possible to house some (if not all) of the family on one floor—an attractive option for families with young kids. While it’s possible to add upper or finished basement storeys, the main floors in ranch homes are spacious enough for many homeowners to be content without additional storeys.

As acreage house builders, our team at Antech Construction is happy to work with you to design a single storey ranch home that meets all your needs and expectations. However, if you’d rather use your acreage in a different way, we are of course happy to go whichever direction you prefer. For instance, some clients with large pieces of land want to concentrate their new houses on smaller portions of the land. By building a two or three storey home on a smaller patch of land, you can free up other parts of your acreage for a detached garage, a spacious car park, a large patio area, a guest house, a swimming pool, a big garden or other external features and outbuildings.

The bottom line is that your acreage is yours to do with as you see fit. If you want to fill up most of the land with a sprawling ranch style home, then Antech Constructions and our acreage house builders in Brisbane can help. If you’d prefer a more compact home so that you can use your additional land for other purposes, we can help you envision an acreage house design that leaves space for pools, gardens, guest houses and more.

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