10 Budget Friendly Christmas Decorating Ideas

For those of your wanting to get your home into the Christmas spirit and keep within a budget, we have found a few things you can make to contribute to decorating your home with all the Christmas trims.  Maybe even make a family activity using some of the ideas.

1.       Pretty Pinecone
Dip pinecones in gold paint (either partially or all of the way).  Use a mixture of water, glue & glitter for a sparkling effect. You can fill a large glass bowl or basket with them and create a centrepiece, or try adding a bow to the top with some string and hang them on your Christmas tree.

2.       Decorate the Door
Make your own wreaths by bending greenery into a circle and tying together with fishing line, string, ribbon or robe.  Add a bow or some Christmas ornaments for added colour and then hang it on your door.

3.        Just Add A Candle
Instead of hanging all of your wreaths on the doors, place some on the table to use as a candle holder. Remember to be careful that flames aren’t close to the greens to avoid them catching on fire.

4.       Beyond the Christmas Tree
Hang ornaments all over the house (inside & outside) to spread the Christmas cheer throughout.  Try stringing a row of Christmas balls along the windowsills.

5.       Let There Be Light
Line your driveway, path, mantle, staircase or the centre of your dining table with homemade luminaries for a warm Christmas decoration.

6.       Light The tree
You can create a Christmas tree on any wall with a strand of lights and a few nails or removable hooks.

7.       Take A Bow
Tie coloured ribbons around your dining table chairs or lounge chair cushions. Add a Christmas ornament for an extra decorating sparkle.

8.       Decorative Loops
Use Christmas wrapping paper to create a paper chain decoration.  Cut your paper into strips, then simply glue a loop together and then string another paper strip through the first loop and glue the next strip edges together. Repeat until you have a chain to the length you desire.

9.       Just Add Water
Take clean vases or bottles, fill them with water then add a few drops of  food colouring. You can now add some ribbon and ornament around the outside or fill the vase with some decorative twigs or a floating candle. Try grouping different sized bottles together for a table centrepiece.

10.   Paper Angels
All you need is some paper plates and a stencil (which can be found online). You can make a full chorus of statues or they can also be used as a decoration for your tree or table.

Happy Decorating!!

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