Sloping Blocks

While many building companies in Brisbane will avoid building on a sloping block, our team are the exception. At Antech Constructions, we pride ourselves on being experienced builders that are happy to take on the added challenges of a sloping block. Sloping block house designs require expertise and skill. That is something we can deliver!

We are a building company that will collaborate with you. We urge every client to consider every possibility, to adopt an open mindset and to take an adaptable approach when building on a sloping or difficult site. Each home should be designed to contribute to the fall of the land and the shape of the block. You can rest assured knowing these aspects of the planning phase will be covered by us.

Sloping Block House Designs

Take a look at some of the houses we've built. We've tackled some tough landscapes, whether sloping blocks or narrow blocks, and always finish the job we're there to do, producing breathtaking results

Building on a Sloping Block

Standard and ‘off-the-shelf’ home designs are not intended for sloping blocks of land. We can customise your home design to perfectly suit your block of land, regardless of topographical challenges. The team at Antech Constructions have completed countless sloping block builds in Brisbane.

Rather than classifying sloping blocks as restrictive, we endeavour to take advantage of the slope in the design process. You’ll be amazed at what you can create when forced to think outside the box! The team at Antech Constructions have completed countless sloping block builds in Brisbane.

Create Something Special

Sloping block house designs have the potential to produce incredible, award winning homes. We take the challenges and turn them into opportunities to build something unique and innovative. Review our completed sloping block homes in our custom home gallery, and discover the potential in your block of land.

If you are having trouble finding qualified sloping block builders in Brisbane, put an end to your search today - call Antech Constructions on (07) 3821 7949 or send us an email.

Damian & Julie

Antech offer far better value for money and everything was included so they knew what the end figure was. - Other companies had items as upgrades, whereas with Antech it was already included. - Their quoted time frame was exact and a lot quicker than their neighbour builders. - Communication was always important to Antech.

Design & Building Considerations

Building on a sloping block requires a lot of design considerations. We are experts at designing and building the perfect home to suit varying sloping blocks around Brisbane.

We consider all design aspects to ensure successful construction, and can guarantee the structural integrity of your home. We maintain a high standard of planning, and consider details including views, access, the soil and drainage of the land, along with any other characteristics that are unique to your block of land.

Choosing The Best Builders for The Job

There are multiple reasons for construction companies to decline sloping block projects. Building on a sloping block of land is more challenging than building on flat blocks, it requires more management and specialised engineering can often come into consideration.

Sloping block homes require a lot of thought, and they present challenges that can be easily overlooked by inexperienced builders. This can be extremely expensive to the home owner when unexpected issues arise. It is important to choose a builder who has the experience necessary to foresee any challenges while your home is in the design phase.

The builders at Antech Construction Brisbane thrive on challenging jobs. We see sloping block projects as an opportunity to execute our expertise, in order to achieve unparalleled results within your budget and timeframe.

Build Your Dream Home on a Sloping Block

If a vacant sloping block exists in your favourite area, it offers an incredible view or you just want to create something architecturally impressive, get in touch with our team. We can guarantee precise planning, attention to detail and a quality finish.

Sloping Block Builders Brisbane

It is no secret that building on a sloping block of land is a more complex process, which means you need a builder with experience building on sloping blocks and a team of experts who understand the precise planning and execution required to ensure the highest level of structural integrity. If your block captures views it is also critically important to understand the elements of sloping block home design and how to maximise the views from as much of the home as possible.

Another essential element in building on sloping blocks is safety and drainage. With proper drainage and a solid foundation, Antech Constructions will be building your house to last the test of time. Throughout the design and planning stages we will work with you to discuss ways to make sure your home fits seamlessly into the surrounding environment. Antech Constructions will always keep you informed throughout the process on all factors involving time and cost, such as engineering, design and approvals.

The solution to the challenges of building on sloping blocks is always to minimise your risk by working with expert sloping block builders. We are familiar with all the challenges that sloping terrains can result in and are able to provide you with accurate estimates based on our many years of experience. By understanding your vision clearly and providing you with a transparent estimate, we will be helping you to achieve the home of your dreams and saving you money at the same time.

We are committed to understanding the vision right down to the finest detail, so we can deliver clear, concise communication throughout the process, ensuring you receive a building experience you can talk about for years to come.

Antech Constructions are the sloping block builder Brisbane specialists. Call us today on 07 3821 7949 or fill out a form on our Contact us page and request a consultation. Our consultation process will help you decide whether purchasing & building on a sloping block is right for you.

Many building companies in Brisbane will avoid building on a sloping block, telling you it is too much hassle. At Antech Constructions, our team is the exception. We are experienced sloping block builders and happily take on the added challenges that sloping block house designs can present.

Narrow lot and sloping block home designs are more complicated than those on flat land and require expertise, skill and creativity. That’s something we can deliver for you at Antech Constructions — we will collaborate with you to create the best house plans for the sloping blocks you are working with.

We urge all clients to be receptive to various possibilities and approach the challenge with an open mindset. As experienced sloping block builders, we know how important it is that each home is designed to take advantage of the fall of the land and the shape of the block. Sloping block home designs can offer striking views, beautiful terraced gardens, or simply a uniquely shaped house, all with a little ingenuity during construction.

Contact us today to get Antech Constructions on your home build. Then you can rest assured knowing everything from planning to construction will be taken care of by our expert team.


What is considered a sloping block?

A sloping block is a block of land with uneven levels of elevation. It results in a slope from one end of the block to the other, often of several metres.

How much does it cost to build on a sloping block?

Building on a sloping block is more challenging than building on flat blocks, and specialised engineering solutions can often mean that sloping block home designs cost more than flat blocks. Antech Constructions provides a transparent estimate so you know exactly how much your home should cost and what could cause an increase in costs prior to committing to construction.

What can you do with sloping land?

Sloping blocks allow for some creative designs, and house plans for sloping blocks often aim to maximise the opportunities created by the block. That can mean taking advantage of a panoramic view or gaining extra space by building a split level home. It can also just mean separating a garden or outdoor space into multiple tiers.

How do you level sloping land?

Sloped land can be levelled by building up the slope inside a stem or retaining wall. Additionally, excavating can be undertaken to help level out the land. Planning permission may be required depending on the specific site and the requirements of the site.

Is it affordable to build a split level home?

A split level home can be very affordable on a sloping block, as you can save on the land price while still getting the maximum amount of floor space by using carefully drawn-up sloping block house designs.