Waterfront Home Builders

When it comes to building a dream home by the water, it is crucial that you entrust your project with a reputable building company who specialises in waterfront home constructions.

Antech Constructions have been trusted luxury home builders in the Greater Brisbane region for over 25 years.  At Antech Constructions, everything is centred around our three core values of innovation, excellence and honesty.  With excellence in building and design, this can be seen down to the finest detail in every unique living space we have delivered.

With a specialist team and a large range of custom waterfront home designs, Antech Constructions can help turn your dream home into a reality.

Why Build a Waterfront Home?

Building a custom waterfront home is a peak lifestyle choice that can amplify luxury, relaxation and a sense of holiday living into the everyday lives of those who choose to live in these highly sought after locations.

Living in a custom built waterfront home can be life changing. The tranquility and serenity of living by the water is something incredibly unique. In order to enjoy your piece of paradise to the fullest, there are many facets that need proper planning and detailed execution. Antech Constructions will ensure your waterfront home designs and finishes capture the essence of waterfront home living whilst also taking into consideration the longevity and durability of your investment.

Why Use a Specialist Waterfront Home Builder?

Building a waterfront home to withstand the Brisbane elements requires experience and a detailed knowledge of suitable building products. Waterfront homes require unique coatings and materials to guard against the harsh natural environments in which they are built.

Antech Constructions can ensure the right choices are made when it comes to materials, protecting your investment from the corrosive forces that being by the water can have. Having had decades of experience in choosing the right materials for waterfront home construction, Antech Constructions will always guide you through this part of the process and help you to understand how best to protect your home.

The Ideal Waterfront Home Design

To achieve the ideal waterfront home design for you, there are a number of details to plan out in order to achieve the perfect balance of lifestyle, functionality and visual appeal.

The design team at Antech Constructions work alongside you, leaving no detail unchecked, taking the time to deliver a design that works best for your block and lifestyle.

While the outward views are always a major driving element in waterfront home design, there are other important factors to consider surrounding the products and finishes. The materials used in the final design, should not only protect the home from the harsh coastal environment but provide an appealing aesthetic that is sympathetic to its surroundings.

A luxury waterfront home should adapt to your lifestyle. Whether building on a high coastal beachfront, a canal or a riverbank setting, Antech Constructions can help plan out the ideal waterfront home design for any situation and lifestyle.

Waterfront Home Builders in Brisbane

Antech Constructions are one of the most highly regarded waterfront home builders in Brisbane. Now with decades of experience, Antech Constructions have not only built an outstanding reputation amongst the South East Queensland coastal community but have become industry leaders in the waterfront home building arena. With a wide range of designs and structures already standing the test of time, our past projects are a testament to our strength in this specialised field. Antech’s award-winning design and construction teams can help you achieve a waterfront home with unparalleled lifestyle benefits.

Antech Constructions are the leading waterfront home builders in Brisbane and are committed to understanding your vision right down to the finest detail. Call us today on 07 3821 7949 or fill out a form on our Contact us page and request a consultation.