Small Lots

At Antech Constructions, we are expert small block home builders specialising in small lot house designs. Precision, planning and experience allow our team of dedicated small lot home builders to construct high-quality, modern houses on narrow blocks of land. We understand that everyone has different needs when it comes to their home, so all our projects are customised to suit our clients. Operating under our three core values of innovation, excellence and honesty, we are able to overcome the challenges associated with small block houses and deliver our work to the highest possible standard. All this and more makes us a trusted company for small lot home designs Brisbane-wide.

Small Lot House Designs

If you’re interested in small lot house designs or are looking for small block home builders you can trust, we encourage you to check out our gallery of previous builds and see what we can do for you.

Making the Most of a Small Lot

The popularity of small block houses has surged in recent years, and for a good reason too. A small block house allows you to invest money in other features while encouraging you to get creative with your designs. Of course, the small block home builders you choose matter too, by choosing a company that specialises in small lot house designs you can make the most of your space and rest assured that your house is in safe hands. Together, you can collaborate and develop a design that is unique, functional and truly yours.

Create Something Special

With Antech Constructions, you don’t have to worry about logistics. Our team of small block home builders will work with you to come up with a design you love and construct your dream small lot house. Antech Constructions will take care of the hassle of other design considerations. Get in touch today to find out how you can start planning and building a home in a small block of land.

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Haider and Sarah

Building with Antech from start to finish was easy, I don't think we had to worry about anything along the way. [Anthony] had us at ease due to his quality being of the highest standard.

Don't be Restricted by Size

With years of experience and the highest quality tradesmen around, Antech Constructions are expert small block home builders specialising in small lot home designs Brisbane-wide. Our expertise means there is no limit as to what we can do for you! All our small lot house designs are customised with the client in mind, creating builds that allow you to live the lifestyle you really want. With Antech Constructions, a small block house doesn’t have to mean compromising on quality, comfort or luxury.

Small Lot Advantages

There are many advantages to small lot house builds, and a major one is the price of the land you want to build on. By choosing a smaller sized lot, you get a lot more flexibility in terms of location. With a small block house, you can live in that family neighbourhood you love so much and enjoy stunning views from your backyard. What was once out of reach is now possible.

With the money you save on land, you can also invest in features that allow you to live the lifestyle you desire. With a good team of small block home builders, you can work together to create a design that is truly yours. Small lot houses are an excellent opportunity to get creative and design your dream home.

Antech Constructions can work with you to produce well thought out designs and living spaces for your home. Specialising in small lot home design Brisbane-wide, we pride ourselves on our construction expertise and aesthetics. We can help you come up with a cost-effective small block house plan to suit you and your family’s needs.

Build Your Dream Home on a Small Block of Land

At Antech Constructions, we have a team of expert small block home builders and use only the highest quality materials. If you would like to know how we can help you build a dream home on a small block of land, get in touch for a quote today.

Small Lot House Designs Brisbane

Transforming small and narrow spaces into stunning, highly practical homes is straightforward when you partner with our small lot builders in Brisbane. Working closely with you, we can create a unique living space that will remain cosy, attractive and economical for a lifetime. And in addition to making your dream home a reality, we can also help you invest your money wisely.

Our small lot house builders are Brisbane’s brightest industry minds, able to construct prestige homes that retain their appeal and look timelessly stylish. We know how to make the most of any space, and we always aim to exceed expectations. Our extensive experience and attention to detail has helped us earn a reputation for excellence. If you want to work with a team of highly experienced award-winning small lot builders in Brisbane, Antech Constructions are the company to call.

Luxury Small Lot Houses, Custom Built to Be Future-Proof

We pride ourselves on using only the highest quality materials and most advanced techniques to craft unique living spaces that don’t just retain their good looks but also guarantee to remain stylish and functional while increasing in value for years to come. From the foundations to the window and door frames to the lighting and fixtures, we pay close attention to the finest details to create truly unique living spaces. You don’t need to settle for anything less than perfection if you build one of our custom small lot homes in Brisbane.

We’re happy to visit your land to discuss the possibilities. Our small lot home builders will take the time to understand your requirements and explain how we can bring your ideas to life. As a company that prides itself on customer service, we always prioritise integrity above all else. That means you can trust us for honest advice and recommendations. Just take a look at our testimonials, and you’ll find out why we’re so highly regarded.

If you want to learn more about our luxury small lot homes, send us an email or give us a call.