5 Contemporary Luxury Home Design Ideas In 2021

Designing a luxury home is a combination of personal preference and the kind of ideas that can only be discovered with an expert luxury home designer in your corner. The 2021 trends in luxury house design include inspired new design concepts to meet the needs of the modern home builder. Here are the top 5 luxury house design ideas of 2021 which incorporate opulence into everyday living, for the most unique home designs.

Incorporating home offices and flexible spaces

With the average family spending more time at home than ever before, the need to incorporate flexible family spaces, which can be easily converted from educational to fun, are high on the list of features to be included in luxury house designs in 2021. Home office spaces have also become high on the priority list for those seeking modern luxury house designs, as the home office is becoming much more utilised than in previous years.

Luxury house design becoming synonymous with sustainability

Passive design in luxury contemporary homes has become widely popularised in recent years. The construction of luxury house designs in certain locations, which make it possible to take advantage of surrounding elements such as natural light and breeze, can contribute significantly to the sustainability of a home’s design.

Smart technology integration

Smart tech is becoming more affordable than ever before and with the recognised benefits in future cost-saving capability, incorporating smart technology into luxury house designs is the way of the future. This is one of the most prevalent luxury house design ideas for 2021 due to the potential for an efficient home which exceeds industry standards in both sustainability as well as everyday operating expenses.

Calming and natural materials and finishes

In 2021 we are spending more time at home than ever before, which is why it is important to have a luxurious interior finish that is both pleasing to the eye and calming to the inhabitants. The use of recycled and natural materials within luxury house design is a trend that we will see continuing throughout 2021 and beyond.

Luxury house designs with a strong kitchen focus

A workable kitchen has always been an advantageous feature in home design, but as the movement for fresh and healthy eating continues to inspire the Australian consumer market, the demand for strong and functional kitchens remains an important factor in luxury home designs.

Work with Antech Constructions to design the ultimate luxury home in Brisbane and ensure that you have access to all the premium features when designing a home of your own. As the specialists in luxury home design, we offer the experience and knowledge you need to build a luxurious home that is unique to your personal specifications. Contact us today to begin building the luxurious contemporary home you have always dreamed of.

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