Understanding Different Tile Types

Understanding The Different Tile Types and What They Are Commonly Used For.

Ceramic or Porcelain Floor Tile

Ceramic Tiles are a tile made from clay that has been permanently hardened by heat creating a product with toughness, strength and high resistance to moisture. Ceramic Tiles have more variance when being laid as the join between tiles can be from 3-5mm due to the way they a manufactured. Often they have a decorative glaze finish.

Porcelain Tiles are a tile made from a combination of highly refined materials such as quartz and flint that has been permanently fired creating a product with toughness, strength and exceptional resistance to moisture. Porcelain tiles can be laid with the join between tiles as little as 1.5-2mm as these tiles are cut to size. These tiles generally have a high gloss finish.

Other than the price tag between the 2 types, the difference is generally the water absorption rates. Ceramic or Porcelain Tiles are generally the common tiles used for areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, main living floor and outdoor floor surfaces. They come in a wide range of colours, sizes and finishes. meaning you have a wide variety of options.

Glazed Wall Tile

Glazed Wall Tiles are as the name implies, it’s used for walls only. If a tile is rated for walls, it cannot be used for floors; however a flooring tile can be used on walls. The most popular wall tile sizes are the Subway Tile (Rectangular Tile).

Mosaic Tile

Mosaic Tiles are generally used for Kitchen/BBQ Splashbacks, feature walls/strips and feature shower niche. Mosaic Tiles can be used for floors, but this application isn’t popular because its many grout lines make clean-up harder and it tends to have a “busy” look. Mosaics are made up of a sheet of tiny multiple squares/rectangles/circles and can be laid either square or hexagonal.

Natural Stone Tile

Natural Stone Tiles are made from granite, marble, slate, and travertine. These tiles work well for walls or for flooring where moisture is not of a concern.

Paver Tile

Paver Tiles are generally a pressed clay or concrete tiles suitable for exterior walkways, floors, pool decking, pool linings, and patios. These tiles would only be used in interiors for high-traffic areas where aesthetics are not of great concern.

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