Save on Heating Costs this Winter

With the cooler nights becoming more regular, you’ll be trying to reach for the Heater control.  Although Queensland doesn’t get as cold as the Southern States, us Queenslanders still feel the cold.  So to help you stay warm in Winter and help avoid an expensive power bill, we have come up with a few tips to help you save on heating costs this Winter.

  • Close doors to rooms that you are not using, such as the laundry and bathrooms
  • Have your curtains/blinds open during the day to allow the winter sun to come in, and close the curtains at night to prevent the heat loss.
  • Consider dressing your windows with thicker curtains and a pelmet box over the top to reduce heat loss through glass.
  • Add a large rug to timber, tiled and slab floors.
  • If you own an older style home, consider installing insulation in your ceiling space, as up to 35 per cent of heat loss can be due to no insulation.  This will also help if you have the heater on as it will stop the heat from escaping as easily.
  • Change to Solar Power. Electric hot water system can account for a third of your electricity bill. If solar isn’t an option, try having shorter showers. Simply reducing that lingering time by a few minutes can save hundreds of gallons of hot water per month for a family of four. Showers account for 2/3 of your water heating costs. Cutting your showers in half will reduce your water heating costs by 33 percent!

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