Sloping Block Builders in Brisbane

Making the Most of a Hilly Plot of Land, with Our Sloping Block Builders at Brisbane’s Antech Constructions

If you have a hilly or sloping plot of land that you want to use to build a house, give us a call at Antech Constructions today. While many building companies in Brisbane won’t touch properties with big slopes, we are the exception. We pride ourselves on being experienced and skilled sloping block builders, and are happy to take on the added challenges of your property. The Challenges of Building on a Slope If a construction company has ever declined to undertake a project on your sloping block of land, there could be multiple reasons for the refusal. For one thing, building on (and into) sloping blocks of land is more difficult than building on flat plots. Slopes require more excavation and create considerable demands for erosion control, among other factors. For another thing, many building companies do 90% of their business by building the same three or four house designs over and over again. These standard home designs are meant for flat plots of land and would require considerable modifications to work for sloping blocks. As a result, these companies simply opt out of being sloping block builders in Brisbane.

Antech Constructions: Accepting the Challenges of Being a Sloping Block Builder in Brisbane

At Antech Constructions, we are different from the average building company in several ways. First of all, we don’t shy away from challenges. Over the years, we have tackled countless sloping block builder projects in Brisbane—projects that some of our competitors would have turned down. These jobs haven’t always been easy, but they have always been instructive. We’ve become better designers, better architects, and better builders because we were willing to work on sloping slabs of property. We wouldn’t trade that experience for anything. Secondly, we love designing custom homes to suit both the property and the homebuyer. While we do occasionally take on ‘standard’ building projects—where the buyer selects a pre-designed home, and we build it at their location of choice—much more of our business is dominated by bespoke projects. As sloping block builders and skilled architects, we can design a home that is perfectly suited to your plot of land—no matter the topographical challenges. How can you trust that you will get a quality build, despite the challenges of building on a sloping block? At Antech Constructions, we are so committed to providing 100% quality and customer service on every project that we actually limit the number of projects we take on each year. This limited project portfolio makes it possible for Anthony Fiteni, our owner and Master Builder, to oversee and play a large role in every project. If you have any reservations about choosing us as your sloping block builder, a discussion with Anthony will surely set you at ease. If you’ve been having trouble finding a qualified sloping block builder in Brisbane and Gold Coast, put an end to the search today with a call to Antech Constructions. You can reach us on (07) 3821 7949.