Split Level House Builders Brisbane

The Benefits of a Split Level House Design—and Who to Call as Your Split Level Builder in Brisbane

Split Level Home Builders Brisbane

At Antech Constructions, we are committed to helping people like you, to design and build their dream homes. If you have always envisioned yourself in a three-storey waterfront home, we can help you achieve that goal. If you would prefer a single storey home, we can help you design a spacious and beautiful dwelling. We are among the most skilled and in-demand split level house builders in Brisbane.

Often, homebuyers won’t think of split level house designs as ‘sexy’ or ‘desirable.’ However, at Antech Constructions, we’ve met with a surprising number of individuals and families who have decided to go the split level route. Often, clients come to us unsure of what home styles they want. They want to sit down with our experts and review the pros and cons of the different floor plans we offer. Quite frequently, these clients are surprised about the advantages offered by split level house designs—so surprised that they decide to build their own split level house in Brisbane!

Why Build a Split Level House in Brisbane?

While split level house designs can vary a bit from one house to the next, they usually have a few common characteristics. In many cases, a split level home will have an entryway that occupies its own level, situated between upper and lower levels of the home. From the entryway, one stairway leads up to the upper level of the home—which often includes the kitchen, the living area, the master bedroom and more. Another stairway leads from the entryway downstairs, into the basement area. The lower level usually houses another living area, the laundry room, and additional bedrooms.

There are a few major benefits to this type of floor plan that might convince you to hire split level builders in Brisbane. The first and most pronounced advantage of the split level house design is space. Split level homes are terrific for making the most of small or medium plots of land, as they usually offer as much space upstairs as they do downstairs. For families with one or more kids or extended families, a split level design offers a good way to ensure enough space for everyone without going over budget.

Most split levels feature attached garages, which also help to conserve property space. This space-saving feature allows you to take advantage of other inclusions and additions to a split level home, such as a deck on the upper level or a patio walkout on the lower level (if the lower level isn’t partially underground).

Learn More about Split Level Architecture and Building Projects Today

Do you think a split level home might be the right option for you and your family? If so, give us a call today at Antech Constructions. We are happy to help you build your split level house in Brisbane. If you ring us on (07) 3821 7949, we will set aside some time to sit down with you, explain additional benefits of split level home layouts and discuss your budget, preferred feature inclusions and more. We look forward to hearing from you soon!