Building & Design Tips

15 ways to get your home ready for spring

Spring is almost in swing and you may be starting to climb out of your hibernation hole and blinking in the sun. When did it get so bright?? It’s been a long winter – we don’t know about you, but we’re ready to let spring ring! After a hard few months full of rain and […]

Top 5 decorating tips for home owners

1 As a base for your room, choose classically neutral colours that don’t date. This way you will have a pallet that lasts over the seasonal fashion trends. You can easily change cushions, pictures and accessories for a new look with minimal cost and a huge effect.      2 Keep your area light and […]

How Do I Know My Block is the Right Choice?

Probably one of the first questions asked by any potential client wishing to build a new home is – How do I know the block I am looking at is going to be OK to build on? It’s an important question of course and hopefully some of the points below will assist in answering some […]

Home Decorating with Wallpaper

If you’re looking at adding some colour or creating a theme to a room in your house, wallpaper is one of the latest trends that people are choosing.  Wallpaper simply isn’t like it used to be back in the day, as it now comes in many different colours, patterns and textures.  Decorating and Paint stores […]

The Importance of a Soil Test Prior to Purchasing Land

If you’re purchasing a block of land then you are obviously doing so with the intent of in the future you will be building a structure on it. With this very thought it is important you seek a soil test prior to purchasing the land and make it a condition of the purchase contract. Believe […]

Outdoor Living Areas

Extending your living space from the inside to an outdoor space is a big design trend for homeowner’s who want to make the most of their property and the climate. A great way to achieve this is by adding or incorporating an outdoor living area into your design. It will not only add value to […]

Save on Heating Costs this Winter

With the cooler nights becoming more regular, you’ll be trying to reach for the Heater control.  Although Queensland doesn’t get as cold as the Southern States, us Queenslanders still feel the cold.  So to help you stay warm in Winter and help avoid an expensive power bill, we have come up with a few tips […]