Sloping Blocks Builders Brisbane

While many Building Companies in Brisbane avoid building on sloping blocks, we are the exception. Antech Constructions pride themselves on being experienced builders that are happy to take on the added challenges of a sloping block.

It is vital to choose a building company that collaborates with you, one who urges you to consider all of your possibilities and takes an adaptable approach when building on a sloping or difficult site. Each home should be designed to contribute to the fall of the land and the shape of the block.

There are multiple reasons for construction companies to decline undertaking a project on your sloping block. Building on a sloping block of land is more challenging than building on flat blocks. Sloping blocks require a lot of thought and present challenges that can be easily over looked. This can be extremely expensive to the Home Owner later on. This is just one of the many reasons it is important to choose a builder who has the experience necessary to foresee any challenges while your home is in the design phase.

Standard home designs are intended for flat blocks of land and these designs would require considerable modifications to work on a sloping block. Here at Antech Constructions, we have undertaken countless sloping block projects in Brisbane - many that our Competitors have turned down. As Sloping Block Builders we can design a home that is perfectly suited to your block of land regardless of topographical challenges.

If you are having trouble finding a qualified sloping block builder in Brisbane, put an end to your search today - call Antech Constructions on (07) 3821 7949.