Our Guarantee

One of the biggest fears when constructing a new home is if the build will be finished on time. Through years of experience we have refined our construction process to guarantee your build is finished on time. We guarantee this without compromising quality.

“This is why we have created The Antech Constructions Guarantee, if construction runs over time, we will reimburse you $500 per day for every day past the contractual handover date, ten times the industry standard”.

Terms & Conditions: Antech Constructions will pay $500 per day in Liquidated Damages for every day past the contractual handover date until completion. In the event that a Time Extension has been issued, liquidated damages will be payable from the adjusted completion date.

Bill and Bette

From the moment we met Anthony in his office/showroom he gave us a positive feeling that his Antech Team could build the quality home we were seeking. The Build was Faultless! Building with you was such an uplifting experience for us. You delivered on everything promised! We feel we won the casket finding you.

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